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Watchdog report labels legal knives ‘illegal flick knives’ – Ebay bans knife sales

Table Bear has a particular liking towards the knife, both for it’s utilitarian underpinnings, and fine engineuity over the centuries. It’s also worth noting that rapists and murderers aren’t too fond of having them stuck in them while revelling in their inhuman passtimes.

Alas, it should not suprise many that a palm to the face ensued after reading that Ebay has decided to impose a blanket ban on the sale of knives through it’s UK site, following a ridiculous show of misinformation dressed up as journalism by BBC Watchdog. Suprisingly, this ban excludes kitchen knives, of which make up almost all of the knives used in murders.

Let’s examine Watchdog’s findings. They found it shocking that from the US, using Ebay they could import two folding knives, one assisted knife, a knife pen and a plastic knife, all claimed to be illegal. It is true that the knife pen could be considered a ‘disguised’ knife and the plastic knife a ‘stealth’ knife, both currently illegal to import and sell in the UK. However, the three folding knives pictured, including the assisted knife are not illegal ‘flick knives’ as Watchdog claim. Infact, they are sold legally in the UK. For a knife to be legally considered a ‘flick knife’ it must meet the definition below:

“A) any knife which has a blade which opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in or attached to the handle of the knife, sometimes know as a ‘flick knife’ or ‘flick gun’”

Like nearly all lock knives, the ones pictured have protrusions as well as thumb studs, which allow the user to open the blade with one hand. There is no button or device on the handle which opens the blade automatically. The assisted knife uses tension which pushes the blade open once it is moved a few centimetres using the exposed hump at the back. Essesntially you are pushing the blade foward, not a button on the handle.

A flick knife or ‘switchblade’

A legal manual lock knife, one claimed to be a ‘flick knife’ by Watchdog

Watchdog clearly know jack shit about knives, and neither did the police officer they interviewed (Who I might add, found the knives to be ‘awful’..)

But all of this is besides the point. All knives should be legal to sell and carry. The mentality displayed in this cheap, fear mongering, TV licencee funded piece of audiovisual excrement for the consumption of brain-battered zombie sheep is the same mentality sliding this country into a totalitarian Nanny State, where the government can have nuclear weapons, yet you can’t be trusted with a knife.