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Justice in the UK

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Couple fleeing attack prosecuted over firearms

After suffering two brutal attacks in their home in Bulgaria, an elderly British couple took it upon themselves to take responsibility for their own means of protection. Whilst still living in Bulgaria, the couple purchased several legal self defense tear gas guns, of which fire cartridges designed to disperse an irritant gas towards an attacker. Since a police officer can’t be carried in a pocket or stored in one’s home, this seems like a viable means of thwarting another attack in future, correct?

Whether they accidently shipped them back in their luggage, or simply saw no further use is uknown. All that’s stated is that upon returning to the UK, the couple decided to hand the devices over to the police.

Now, thanks to a few of this totalitarian government’s recent knee jerk decisions , they both now face a minimum 5 year jail sentence for possession of an illegal ‘firearm’. A great victory for the Met, who whined and begged for this to be implimented.:

Another case, involving a son honoring his terminally ill farther’s decision to end his own life, saw him sentenced to 3 years for transfering a WWII era Walther PPK into the hospital where he lay dying.

When will people catch on and realise that mandatory sentencing is completely and utterly batdropping insane and a bedraggled mockery of the term ‘justice’?.

Now, if only these people could get it into their thick, barnacle encrusted skulls that not everyone who is unlucky enough to be caught in possession a firearm is a psychopathic murderer, deserving of extreme jail sentences.

The Metropolitan Police is alarmed by the number of firearms being carried and used on the streets of London. New figures show that, in the past three months, the number of reported incidents involving guns to which police have sent armed officers has risen by more than a third – to 4,106 – compared with the same period last year.

So, guns are good enough for police to have, but should you dare to own one for frontline, immediate defense of yourself and your loved ones, you’re deserving of five years at minimum locked in a stinking cage with rapists, theives and murders.

If a women in this country pulled a handgun on a rapist in her own home, she’d get a minimum 5 year jail term for possessing a prohibited firearm. Meanwhile, the rapist would most likely be looked upon as a victim and probably awarded free viagra on the NHS.

This government is completely vile.

—— Taking into account the above, get ready for the wacky world of UK justice! ——

Three-and-a-half years for robbing multiple victims at knife point

Six years for smashing a women round the head then proceeding to commit rape

Three years for robbing and threatening to beat a shop owner: