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Police confiscate replica guns from collector

Here’s the situation. Neighbours of a 54 year old man decide to tattletale to the police after seeing what appeared to be firearms on display in his home. Armed police proceed to raid his property and after recovering the supposed ‘firearms’ they turn out to be perfectly legal replica guns, of which the man collects. Instead of returning his posessions and apologizing for the incident, the filthy jackbooted scum decide they want to keep his collection and destroy it, “just in case they get into the wrong hands”.


Armed police swooped on the flat of a 54-year-old replica pistol collector in Battersea.

They seized 17 replica guns but police admit the man posed no threat to the community.

Wandsworth crime squad Inspector Matt Phelps said police had raided the flat about 10.20am on October 10 after a tip-off from the public.

“This action was taken to pro-actively reduce the threat of firearm incidents in the borough and to prevent any possible tragic consequences should they have made their way into the wrong hands,” Insp Phelps said after the weapons had been handed over.

These exact ‘weapons’ can be brought over the counter or online. I don’t think 17 in the hands of a responsible collector heightens the danger of them “getting into the wrong hands”. Quite the opposite.

“I would like to thank the local residents who had the foresight to bring this collection to our attention, and the owner for his full co-operation.”

You’re a pathetic enemy of freedom.

Police said local residents had raised concerns that the man had a large number of replica firearms and ammunition on display in his home.

It turned out the 54-year-old had been collecting the gun memorabilia over 20 years and had built up an extensive collection.

Specialist CO19 firearms officers found 17 of the guns were exact replicas and could be converted to fire.

The Met said in a statement that “although there was no concern that the owner of the collection posed a threat himself, the firearms that had been identified by officers as susceptible to conversion were retained as a precautionary measure” and will be destroyed.

Cap gun converted

A pipe and a hammer is “susceptible to conversion”. Displayed above is a child’s toy converted to fire a .22 rimfire cartridge. If there’s something to hold a bullet and a means of hitting a primer, you have a firearm.

Now, kindly pay this man back out of your own wages you useless despicable thugs.