We know what’s best for you.

Politicians decide yet again what you should and shouldn’t be allowed to put inside your own body. Yes, it seems that the scourge of ‘legal highs’ plaguing our streets has prompted the government to enact more prohibition. Now, you’re probably wondering what might have been the catylist prompting the sudden decision to criminalize thousands of fellow human beings. In full horror, the shocking details are brought forth.

Three drugs that produce so-called “legal highs” are to be banned at the end of the year after at least two deaths were linked to their use, the home secretary said today.

Hester Stewart, a 21-year-old medical student, died after taking GBL, which can kill when combined with alcohol, in April.

Last year, Daniel Backhouse, a 22-year-old mortgage broker, suffered heart failure after mixing BZP with powdered ecstasy.

Two deaths. Yes, two. Two deaths that just so happen to be directly linked to the MIXING OF ALCOHOL AND ESCTASY, the latter already being highly illegal (Did that even matter in this case?).

But that isn’t important, little obedient TV-watching consumer sheep.

“The government will also ban several anabolic steroids, which are used by bodybuilders and have been linked to extreme anger known as “rhoid rage”, fertility problems and stunted growth.”

And these ‘possible’ side effects justify making the users into criminals, coerced at the barrel of a gun? You’d think these people were talking about Satan’s piss or something.

Deputy Mahy said Spice was a particular cause for concern.

‘Spice is causing alarm to the medical profession,’ he said. ‘These drugs are affecting people’s emotional and physical state and can be quite dangerous when mixed with alcohol.’

He said it would be in the island’s interests to ban legal highs.

So, how do we go about protecting these fragile people’s emotional states of mind? We turn them into criminals and make them face years locked in prison. Meanwhile, backstreet pharmacists have another couple of goodies to sell at any price they choose, spiked with anything they wish.

These meddling, freedom hating piles of slime can’t be gotten rid off fast enough. They’re like some sort of perpetually persistant flesh eating virus, stoppable only by burning off the infected areas.

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One response to “We know what’s best for you.

  1. These so called leaders should leave us alone to do what we want with our own bodies.

    Unless we commit a crime to fund the habit, let us enjoy our freedoms !!!

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