Man jailed for 3 years over ownership of .22 revolver

Here’s something that will make the blood of every self respecting libertarian boil. ‘Injustice’ can’t even begin fathom the level of insanity displayed by this county’s legal system.

Man who kept US pistol is jailed

A man has been jailed for three years after a gun was found among his belongings shipped back from the USA.

This is proof positive that this country is officially insane. In fact, it goes beyond insane and into damn right vile when further incite reveals that the firearm in quetion was used for work related purposes and was mistakenly shipped back from the US.

Norwich Crown Court heard Richardson was given the gun to kill rattlesnakes when he was working in the USA and it was wrongly shipped to the UK in 1997.

The gun was found when the belongings were about to be auctioned by a storage firm after a dispute over payment.

When asked why he had not taken the revolver to the police, Richardson said: “I cannot tell you how many times I have asked that question.

“I suppose I was concerned about what the consequences might be.”

Judge Peter Jacobs said Richardson had “buried his head in the sand”.

In February Richardson was sentenced to five years in jail for the offences.

But the sentence was revoked earlier this month when Judge Jacobs ruled the proper legal process was not followed.

So there you have it, folks. This man’s henious crime was to have safely stored a low caliber revolver, previously used for work related purposes and mistakenly shipped back with his belongings from the US. His punishment for this seemingly trivial technicality? Three Years locked in a cage. This, for something that wouldn’t prevoke the bat of an eyelid in the USA, or to some extent the rest of Europe for that matter. Those involved in passing this sentence and the legislators who created the conditions for this situation to arise should be brought out and subjected to mob justice.

“Jailing him, Recorder Peter Guest said that the tight laws on firearms were as a result of Parliament’s concern about the potential availability of firearms to criminals.

He added: “The law is concerned here with firearms which are lethal weapons. You acquired this weapon legally in the Unites States and I am told it was brought to this country not at you behest, but accidently.

“You realised that this firearm should have been given to the authorities for destruction but you did not do that. It is impossible to fathom why you thought it appropriate to keep this lethal weapon and ammunition in storage.”

He said if a criminal gang had broken into the secure storage depot they might have got their hands on the gun.

The failed argument the Safety Nazis spew in order to justify their disgusting treatment of other human beings, based on activites they disapprove of fails completely on all levels.

“If it had been someone with a criminal mind then it could have taken a different course and that gun and ammunition could have fallen into the wrong hands and be used potentially for lethal purposes,” Mr Guest added.”

Trying to justify this injustice is absolutely futile. Your type, the disgusting, uncompassionate enemy of freedom will feel truely equated to the foul cockroaches you are when the free people of this country take back what’s rightfully their’s.


One response to “Man jailed for 3 years over ownership of .22 revolver

  1. I’m so glad I live in AMERICA!
    But we are slowly being destroyed by Marxists and Liberals. GUN CONTROL IS PEOPLE CONTROL!


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